Political commentator

The Swiss referendum democracy is fascinating. The fact that the Swiss people are the sovereign influences the way society functions, in many respects. As a political scientist, I write about and comment on Swiss politics.

Dutch parliament has been struggling with referenda for decades. Some believe that referenda will provide opportunities for political parties and interest movements. Others are afraid of the introduction of referenda: what if the people reject the decisions of parliament? Can ‘normal people’ take such important and far-reaching decisions? What about voters’ manipulation and fake news?

I am convinced that referenda can be a good addition to the Dutch parliamentary democracy, that they can strengthen the democracy. In the essay ‘De kiezer wil een stem’, I explain why and plead for the introduction of binding referendums in the Netherlands.

On my blog page elsjemoulijn.com I comment on political developments which attract my attention. My work has been noticed in the Netherlands. I have been in the Dutch press on several occasions. De Volkskrant has published an opinion article about a Swiss referendum, I was on Nieuwsuur (Dutch television, 21:22), NPO Radio 1 (Dutch radio, 08:40) and Met het oog op morgen (Dutch radio, 36:40).