Career coaching

Work has changed considerably over the last decades. Employment for life, once a real option, has almost vanished. Today most of us have various employers over the years, or change from working as an employee to becoming a freelancer or an entrepreneur. Some of us decide to choose a completely new branch, to start all over again and enjoy – or suffer – the challenges on the way. 

Most children know what they want to become: fireman, ballet dancer, explorer. Nevertheless, most of them end up in a quite different profession. They do what they think others expect them to do, they do not know what they want and make a random choice, or they do what they suppose they can earn money with.

They study, work, get more responsibilities, more money, a bigger house. But still, there is dissatisfaction, deep down, emptiness. Is this all there is, is this my life, am I the person who I want to be? Or did I sleepwalk into a cul-de-sac and do I now stand before a wall?

Such doubts can emerge automatically, from within, or they can come up by circumstances like having been made redundant, a bankruptcy of your employer, a merger with another company, a new boss, to give a few examples.

But don’t panic, most people get stronger out of such a crisis than they were before. Give yourself time, allow yourself to be depressed, mourn your loss. And when you feel ready, get up and be honest with yourself. Where do you stand, and what is your goal? Where do you want to be in five years time? What do you want to do with the time that is left for you on this planet?

Whatever your reason to make a fresh start, I will support you on your exploration. Give yourself the gift to live your life to the full, to do what you are meant to do, to make your dreams come true. You are worth it!