My name is Elsje Moulijn. I founded edissimo in 1994, the year in which my daughter was born. When we moved to Switzerland in 2006, I closed my Dutch firm and started edissimo 2.0 in Switzerland. In this placeless globalised world, I continued to work for most of my clients in the Netherlands, while I also found some new clients in Switzerland.

I studied English Language and Literature at the Rijksuniversiteit Leiden, the Netherlands. In the heart of the Swiss Alps, I picked up studying again: this time I chose political sciences. In 2015, I graduated at the University of Leicester, and added a new activity to Edissimo: political commentator.  If you want to have an impression of my work, you can find some links on the page political commentator. I also write blogs on elsjemoulijn.com, but not regularly anymore.